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Business Phone Services

Upgrade your Business with our IP Phone Systems

What our phones all do


Easy to use Phones with large numbers, touch screen, and easy navigate menu systems

Call Parking

similar to Line 1, Line 2 etc. This is what IP Systems use instead


Allowing you to speak from phone to phone without them picking up

HD Audio

Crisp Clear Sound without a muffle from either end

Cloud Voicemail

Including voicemail to text so you can check your voicemail anywhere with a internet connection

Can Be Used Anywhere

You can take phone and hook up to any internet connection. Phones can be at different locations, yet ring at the same time

 Call Directory

Store and save all of you favorite contacts on your phone

Wireless Headset Available

Keep your hands free and take notes while talking ask us about including a wireless headset

Fully automated cloud system with;
  • Auto Attendant​
  • Business Hours
  • Ring Groups
  • Independent    Voicemails
  • Mobile App (Android/iOS)​
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance
  • Includes all common phone features ​
  • Works even if On Premise power/internet is down​
  • Billed per handset, not per line or minute
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