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Fixing a Computer

Computer Repair

It is important to get your computer fixed right!

Spyware and Virus Removal

Our most common repair! If you're getting a lot of pop ups, or your computer is running slow, better bring it in!

Software Troubleshooting

Are certain programs giving you a problem? Maybe Windows 10 is having issues? We can fix it!

Data Recovery

Whether a computer is broke, or just old, we can recover the data off of it, and throw it on a Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or onto your new computer.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Whether it's a bad hard drive, bad DVD Drive, bad keyboard, or broken screen, we can take care of it!

Computer Upgrades

We can add more memory to your computer, install a Solid-State Hard Drive, or maybe get you upgraded to Windows 10!

Computer Recycling

We can take in your old computers at no charge. We will even destroy the data on the hard drives!

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